Sumatran Tiger Resort South Sumatra

Located in Tanjung Setia right behind Ujung Bocur one of the best left hand surf breaks in South Sumatra. There are 8 other quality surf breaks along this stretch of the South Sumatra coast, including Way Jambu, Krui Left and The Peak.

Our bungalows

Our Surf Accommodation

We offer comfortable spacious guest houses which
include 3 full meals a day, considered some of the best
food you will find on the point.

The Fitness Center

In the main building is the biggest gym in all South Sumatra, consisting of machines, dumbbells, olympic weights, spin bikes, elliptical and treadmill. Separate locker rooms and shower facility for men and women. Also we provide a juice bar offering protein , energy and fruit drinks.

Sumatran Tiger Fitness Gym

The Cafe

The cafe is also located in the main building, offering fresh juices from local fruits, soft drinks, coffee, tea and iced cold beer. A selection of both Indonesian and western style food is available.