South Sumatra Travel Information

How do I get there?

Fly into Jakarta International Airport (Soekarno-Hatta – CGK ) Then take a domestic flight into Bandar Lampung , Sumatra (Radin Inten II – TKG) . From there we can arrange a car to pick you up. It’s about a 5-6 hour drive, depending on the time of day . Transportation price is per car (up to 4 people) — roughly $90 USD.There are also many taxi drivers at the airport willing to bring you into the jungle, but you must negotiate a reasonable price.

What should I bring ?

Sumatra is located in a tropical climate where it is quite hot and the ocean is also very warm, so sunscreen, board shorts, t-shirts — anything you would use for a tropical vacation.Bring towels, mosquito repellent , sunglasses, a long sleeve shirt for cover up, toiletries, electric outlet adapter (2 round pins). There are local convenience stores, so no worries if you forget your soap and toothpaste.

Can I exchange money?

There are no ATMs or money changers in the area but it is a 1.5 hour drive to Liwa where there are ATMs. We recommend exchanging money or using ATMs in Jakarta or Bandar Lampung before your trip to the resort.

Do I need a Visa ?

Yes. All visitors to Indonesia require a visa, and make sure you have 6 months remaining on your passport!! Depending on what country you are from you can receive a free 30 day entry visa at the airport. If your country isn’t included in the free 30 day visa then a $35 usd fee will get you a 30 day visa at the airport. For longer stays it’s best to apply at your nearest Indonesian Consulate for a 60 day tourist visa.

What about medical ?

Local doctors are available but major hospitals are at least 5 hours away. We strongly advise that you purchase travel insurance that includes medical air evacuation. Bring a good first aid kit. Reef cuts are common and need to be taken care of or infections could bring your trip to an end.Consult with your physician regarding immunizations for traveling to Indonesia. What about malaria ? In this area of South Sumatra the risk for malaria is minimal. Best to cover up during dusk and dawn and use mosquito nets while sleeping. Also, use of mosquito repellent will reduce your risk of being bitten.

How do I get around ?

Typically motorbikes with surfboard racks are rented to explore the area. Cars also can be rented for farther destinations. Public buses can be used to travel to Bandar Lampung and also Jakarta. We can arrange for all your transportation needs.

Are there surf shops ?

There is a surf shop in Krui; however, we would advise you to bring all your own equipment. Bring at least 2 boards, rashguard, tropical wax, booties for sharp reefs, extra leashes and fins. There is a local surfboard repair shop which does very good work and is inexpensive.

What is the local culture like ?

The local people are very friendly and traditional. The area is predominantly  Muslim. When outside of resort area please be respectful of local  traditions.

Travel Insurance ?

We would all rather not think about all the things that might go wrong during our adventures but things can and do happen. Not all Travel Insurance covers surfing and other adventurous activities so always carefully check your policy wording . You can purchase travel insurance even after you have started your trip.